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Yoxxie Event App
August 17, 2016
AppFoundation – Social Business Tool
November 6, 2016

clientry_concierge_logoAppFoundation Announces the Launch of a New Business Venture, Clientry Concierge.

AppFoundation has been involved in building mobile apps for enterprise clients for many years. Along the way, a great deal of experience has been gained around content management systems design for mobile applications. AppFoundation took all this knowledge and experience and developed a leading edge a mobile engagement platform. YOXXIE was the first company that AppFoundation formed to focus on the event industry and was successful in putting many apps on Google Play and in the App Store.

More recently AppFoundation added additional features and functionality to the platform in order to expand its reach into more industries. Yoxxie was rebranded as Clientry Concierge. Clientry Concierge develops virtual concierge mobile applications for the hotel, hospital, sports arena and commercial property management industries.

For more information on Clientry Concierge please visit the new website

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