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October 1, 2016
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AppFoundation’s Business & Technology Assessment Process
January 9, 2017

We needed a way to better manage a variety of information such as clients, projects, and communication between the two. AppFoundation’s social business solution, Af Connect, applies the full potential of Web 2.0 models like communities, collaboration, and user generated content in a secure, managed environment.


The application is built using the Angular 2, and utilizes a series of Java Spring services for persisting its data. The combination of Spring and Angular offers a powerful deployment
model with due to the ease of configuration required.

The application enables valid users to view projects they are tied to, messages for those projects, media, and client contact information if that are granted rights to those views. The list below shows what the application feature set is composed of:

  • Social Media connection suite
  • Account and Project creation
  • Ability to assign members viewing privileges to selected accounts and projects
  • Account and Project level messages, connections, and media
  • Project management of project milestones, details, issues, and tasks
  • User profile management
  • Client details, notes, location, contacts, and URL links

With the power of the Angular 2 and Spring platforms, it only took about 4 months to take the application from concept to a working production implementation. A team of designers, JavaScript developers, and Java developers worked on the application at different points throughout the implementation, working on both the backend data connectors and the user interface.

The mid-tier of this application is a balance of Spring and Java RESTful services to handle the heavy lifting for data processing.


The application has been a great tool to train developers on how AppFoundation delivers projects. The live application delivers a crisp design featuring a user-friendly layout highlighting our client content. Visually, it was important to focus on the content; so our designers created each component with a usability first mentality.

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