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Building Great Products Requires Great Problem Solving

July 27, 2015
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October 10, 2014
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July 29, 2016

Since founding AppFoundation in 2009 I have been part of many projects of different sizes and scope. I have also found that selling business requires much more than just a solution stack that rivals competitors. The key factor in consistent project success for us has been our focus on solving our client’s problems from the initial sales meeting through product delivery.

So you might ask what I mean by this…well, any time we are meeting with our clients we are working towards a goal. Most clients already know what they want and a rough sketch of how they want it delivered in terms of tech & design. What we focus on are the current problems and build obtainable goals in our plans. Our plans drive delivery dates which have been traditionally very precise.

  • Step one is always perform an assessment of the project. This defines the problem statement and requirements to solve the problem.
  • Step two is to provide a team with the expertise to deliver on the plan. This could consist of a project manager, UX designer, QA, and software engineers with expertise on the chosen tech.
  • Step three is to execute the plan with a high level of quality and delivery pride. We deliver documentation, project management, and engineering expertise to ensure we always meet our timelines.

Perhaps the greatest challenge in delivering high quality applications is convincing your clients that building a solution is worth the cost. Working towards common goals by knocking out small wins is a great way to build trust and generate quicker ROI for project spend. For example, Yoxxie wanted to explore new ways to engage its app users and show those results in real time. AppFoundation created a series of business intelligence factors that capture unique touches in the Yoxxie mobile application experience. The results have been tremendous for the Yoxxie executive staff and customers. They are able to see through visual dashboards & reports user engagement for every event as it is live.

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