The Broadway Automation Project: Automating the Configuration of Mobile Applications

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September 12, 2014
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July 27, 2015

The Broadway Automation Tool project was to create a web portal for centrally managing mobile application text, graphical, and configuration assets for a mobile application called Broadway. Broadway was a vendor specific configurable mobile application, so that every vendor could have their own customized mobile application to fit their specific needs.

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I live and work in the Dallas/Fort Worth area as a Principal Consultant for AppFoundation. I have been working with Java since 2000, Flex since it was in beta release, iOS development since 2008, and Sencha and Ext JS 4 since 2012. I have a Bachelor of Music with a double major in Music Performance and Music Composition, and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Science from Texas Christian University. I also have a Master of Science in Software Engineering from Southern Methodist University. I specialize in enterprise development, architecture, design, and continuous integration practices.

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