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Javamug: Jump–starting Enterprise Application Development Using HTML and Java

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February 1, 2013
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We are proud to announce that we will be presenting at Javamug on 3/13/2013. If you are wanting to learn best practice HTML5 and Java integration techniques you want to be at this meeting. Here is a teaser:

Mid Tier
• Spring, REST, JSON, Dozer, Hibernate, JPA

Presentation Tier

Jump–starting Enterprise Application Development Using HTML and Java
by John Valentino
and Jonny Lucas

Delivering enterprise applications that utilize the latest in HTML5 technological developments can be a challenge in any industry. With continual changes across all tiers of software development resulting in concerns ranging from cloud computing to browser compatibility, this presentation explores the tools, technologies, and best practices for addressing them. The key areas of focus are development environment, software configuration management, database versioning, continuous integration, deployment automation, and the RESTful and HTML5 based technology stack.

John Valentino is a Principal Consultant with AppFoundation. He has more than 12 years of enterprise software development experience, and started his career with developing music industry related applications. Since then, he has worked in the military, aerospace, pharmaceutical, financial, online–printing, and social media industries. Much of his career has focused on using Java as a core technology, and using it to incorporate the latest graphical user interface technologies in order to provide a richer user experience. A key has been automating the build, test, and deployment activities, to more quickly deliver quality fully integrated enterprise applications.
Jonny Lucas is a Principal Consultant for AppFoundation with over 17 years of software development experience. He has designed and implemented enterprise–level software for companies in various industries utilizing standard SDLC practices and numerous technologies. Jonny has a Java and web development background, and typically focuses on projects with diverse multi–tier needs. He strives to make process and development endeavors as simple and repeatable as possible.

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