Management Consulting

At AppFoundation we take pride in a great plan. Our consultants will work with your organization to solve your toughest business, process, and technology challenges.

Enterprise Development

Learn how AppFoundation can help you develop custom applications through the entire project life-cycle.

Mobile Development

AppFoundation is working with its clients to develop a solid mobile roadmap. See how AppFoundation can work with you.

Who We Are

AppFoundation (Af) is a professional services firm that provides custom web, mobile, and desktop application development. Af leverages innovative technologies to deliver premium user experiences that engage customers to drive satisfaction, brand awareness, and deliver measurable results.

From the white board to production, our focus is on your users. We deliver interactive software solutions that engage customers with your brand. Thought leadership and innovation help drive customer value, competitive advantage, profit, and growth. But more importantly, what’s the plan to accomplish these initiatives. Af can help you define a robust plan to distinguish your business from the competition. We strive to understand every detail about your daily operations so you can deliver on your commitments.

With an emphasis on discovering end-user requirements through interviews, we build solutions that are easy to use and work that fit your business objectives, project goals, and user needs. We work closely with your business to define the project vision, apply proper architecture that fits your organization, and target the right audience to maximize increases to your bottom line.

We’ll help grow your business for tomorrow.

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