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January 9, 2017

AngularJSAngularJS - maintained by Google AngularJS has quickly become one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks for developing web and mobile applications - AngularJS is built on a component based architecture that you can create enterprise applications that are scalable and modular. Development speed is faster than traditional web technologies due to prototyping, code patterns, and existing components making AngularJS a solid choice for enterprise development.

Technology is even more a driving force in business where the impact on business has now reached a qualitatively different level. IT must not work closer to the business partners than ever before to deliver quick solutions to capitalize on emerging customer trends. Analytics are key to enhancing customer experience. Speed of delivery must not waver.

To bring IT solutions to the customer quicker AppFoundation has focused one piece of the tech stack towards AngularJS, in particular Angular 2. We are able to prototype quicker, build modular web & mobile apps quicker, and ultimately allow our clients to reach their customers quicker.

We have used AngularJS in the following capacities:
- Enterprise Software Development
- Mobile App Development
- Analytics Dashboards
- App Migration from legacy solutions

Best practices are being formed around our AngularJS practice. These include:
- Automated testing
- Reusable code modules
- Patterns-based project structure
- Lean development
- Agile project management
- Software prototyping

If you need help with your next AngularJS project then give us a shout. Our consultants are ready and willing to share their expertise.

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