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Writing an asynchronous task that takes a parameter (Ext JS 4.x)

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April 27, 2012
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I couldn’t actually find an example of how to do this in any of the documentation, forums, or the rest of the internet so I resorted to looking at the source code for Ext.util.TaskRunner. I was able to find that the “task” object passed into the TaskRunner has an “args” attribute that is an array of objects.

In this example that “updateClock” function is called every 100 ms with the alpha and bravo parameters.

var updateClock = function(alpha, bravo){
 console.log('alpha = '' + alpha + ' and bravo = ' + bravo);                
var task = {
 run: updateClock,
 interval: 100,
 args: ['Argument 1', 'Argument 2']

var runner = new Ext.util.TaskRunner();


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