Project Bolletta: Native Android and iOS, Rambler Reader and Blue Bamboo Plugins, Signature Pad, and Continuous Integration

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July 17, 2014
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The Bolleta Project was to create native Android and iOS applications to be run on both phones and tablets, in order to take and print credit card transactions using either the Rambler Reader or the Blue Bamboo combination card reader and bluetooth printer. It would communicate with an existing web services infrastructure.

I live and work in the Dallas/Fort Worth area as a Principal Consultant for AppFoundation. I have been working with Java since 2000, Flex since it was in beta release, iOS development since 2008, and Sencha and Ext JS 4 since 2012. I have a Bachelor of Music with a double major in Music Performance and Music Composition, and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Science from Texas Christian University. I also have a Master of Science in Software Engineering from Southern Methodist University. I specialize in enterprise development, architecture, design, and continuous integration practices.

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