Digital Transformation and the Customer Experience

It is not that digital transformation is new—it’s not. Digital transformation has been evolving for years—it’s that companies now understand that they must do it more aggressively to survive. AppFoundation is not new at it either—we have been doing it for years. The difference is that under the banner of ‘Digital Transformation’ it is all about the customer experience—a different frame of reference. Harvard Business Review wrote about the customer experience issue back the mid 90’s with their article ‘Staple Yourself to An Order’. Ground breaking thinking to be sure. However, to organize around the customer experience today means digital and organizational transformation for most companies.

Digital Transformation Guidance at a glance


Customer Experience Assessments

Digital Transformation is the driving force behind accelerated change needed to interconnect business processes, services, products, and models across digital technologies—all centered on the customer experience. Society demands quick results from digital technology they use daily. How is your organization embracing these demands? What is your customer experience like? The experts at AppFoundation have developed and refined a customer experience assessment program that can be instituted for any size company.

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Be Bold—Be Wise—Be Innovative

Digital innovation means establishing an agenda that includes organizational assessments, research, proof of concepts, and pilot projects that leverage new technologies in support of improving the customer experience. If technical innovation is already part of the business priorities, then consider improving your digital analytics so you can record and score progress to meeting your goals—become a learning organization. If business priorities do not include organizational assessments or research and development, then consider how to identify even small opportunities to do some experimentation.

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Our team thinks lean and works agile. We are a motivated, innovative group of marketers and technologists focused on holistic implementation goals.

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Data Driven Digital Transformation

The rise of the Internet of Things is leading to significant increases in data traffic due to smart technology being created to connect ‘things’ over the Internet. The traffic is growing at an exponential rate and offers great opportunities. There is much more interaction between the customer experience and business. Data Driven Digital Transformation is required to capture these opportunities and data is the accelerator.

As data becomes more accessible to decision makers, mastery of Big Data combined with Digital Transformation initiatives will be one of the key drivers for successful enterprise transformation. Data used for decision making is expected to focus on enterprise analytics and tools.

• Dashboards and report
• Predictive analytics
• Data discovery and visualization
• Mobile
• Cloud-based Data
• Self-service
• Big Data
• Decision automation and management

The Digital Transformation Journey

Digital leaders are unique in they must have a very holistic and connected approach toward technological evolutions that accelerate change in markets. They must look at the broader picture of improvement by setting in motion necessary digital transformations and innovations.

Customer Experience enhancement is a leading factor when considering your digital transformation journey.

Customer Experience is the connection between business value and value to the customer

Our Digital Transformation Journey process focuses on helping enterprises traverse complex customer-facing functions that enhance channels.


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