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August 22, 2016
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July 29, 2016

Case Study: Yoxxie Events


PizzaHutLogoYoxxie has been designed to deliver rapid insights throughout the life of your event through its digital customer experience. Your event data is being generated by attendees, sponsors, exhibitors, speakers, and sessions at all times. With a Yoxxie event app, we make it easy for planners to extract meaningful value from the event.

AppFoundation is a professional services firm that provides custom web, mobile, and desktop application development. We leverage innovative technologies to deliver premium user experience that engages customers to drive satisfaction, brand awareness, and deliver measurable results. Yoxxie is a company that AppFoundation created based on digital transformation strategies to deliver quality software for the event industry that could deploy apps rapidly with the Yoxxie Mobile Engagement Platform’s business services.

Yoxxie is a powerful platform that leverages omnichannel interconnectedness among touchpoints to integrate multiple mobile channels to one common integrated platform. The integration of many features to a common governing controlling application allows an enterprise to develop a series of applications in parallel; both for mobile and web. This framework is an enabler of change for an organization by providing a solid development methodology that breaks up large applications into small consumable API modules.

Creating modules that integrate with a common governing application will allow a quicker time to market in developing mobile & web software as well as create an integrated front to build enterprise quality software quickly.

The integration framework in Yoxxie is built to integrate and optimize business processes using consistent business services and data available across multiple applications. The purpose of Yoxxie Mobile Engagement Platform is to increase company asset availability and reliability by creating an IT foundation on which virtually all enterprise mobile & web apps can operate synchronously – sharing and reusing processes and information and exposing results in a consistent manner across the enterprise.

Yoxxie has exposed its Mobile Engagement Platform as a branded event management application capable of supporting an infinite number of users through scalable cloud services. Yoxxie provides the following core concepts:
• Customer experience that combines social, mobile, cloud, and analytics to drive organization digital transformation
• Data driven analytics for your event
• Branded native app solution pushed to the Android Google Play and iOS Apple App Stores
• Event management content management system
• Schedule, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, etc.

Design & Refine

Yoxxie was designed from the top down; from the website, the business model, the technology, and marketing. Yoxxie is a multi-tier application system consisting of mobile, web portal, backend, data warehouse, and database portions on an Amazon EC2 infrastructure.

The technology used for Yoxxie allows for high scalability when needed for any size of event. We selected the following technology for business and tech value:
• Amazon EC2 for app servers and databases
• Sencha Touch HTML5 based native app to deploy Android and iOS apps from one code base
• Angular based Content Management System hosted in Amazon EC2 Cloud
• Enterprise grade Java RESTFul API
• Jenkins for continuous integration of builds


The results of a year-long project was the birth of a new business. Yoxxie has successfully ran many events to support tens of thousands of users.

And now, more than ever, people are paying attention to the data that comes from an event – not just how many tickets are purchased, but data from any communications around the event, how well the event is attended, if there are more popular aspects to the event than others, etc.

Yoxxie addresses the need for predictive analytics and mobile engagement around events. Yoxxie helps companies increase the value of their events by creating a technical foundation for mobile and web applications to operate simultaneously. The information gathered from these processes helps to expose data and results from events that are often overlooked.


We built Yoxxie for you! Yoxxie allows event participants to easily connect with exhibitors, speakers, sponsors, and each other. Most importantly, we gave you the ability to focus on what is important to you and share that with everyone.


We gave you a way to generate leads through the Yoxxie mobile engagement platform. You can share your products, media, and core capabilities with everyone attending a Yoxxie powered event. Team members will be tied to your profile to ensure full exposure of your capabilities.


Yoxxie gives you a quick and easy platform to promote, plan, and execute your events. Event setup is simplified, branding is easy, analytics & reporting are a snap, and the Yoxxie content management system will coordinate the event promotion details you need for success.


Yoxxie was delivered with several features from day one such as:
Personal Schedule & Check-ins: Users can add sessions to their schedule quickly. They can also check in and rate sessions in the session details.

Speakers & Sponsors: Feature speakers so attendees can access sessions, bios, and connect. Allow sponsors to shine and generate extra revenue via sponsorship spots.

Messaging: Whether you need to send a private message or post the entire event, we got you covered. Data sharing is a core philosophy at Yoxxie, we want to see you chattering away.

We highly suggest you hop over to Yoxxie and start your event app today!