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July 6, 2014
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July 3, 2014

Case Study: AppContinuum


FleetprideAppContinuum came about as a way to automate something that software developers working on new applications do a lot, which is generating initial code bases, configuring infrastructures, setting up continuous integration, and automating deployment. This started out as a series of template front-end, mid-tier, and database projects and accumulated across several different technologies. Eventually scripting was introduced for infrastructure configuration, so wrapping the entire toolset into a single reusable application was a logical next step.

Design & Refine

AppContinuum is an application that establishes an intelligent and flexible HTML5-based architecture and infrastructure, tailored to your specific software development needs. It accomplishes this by helping you identify the roles and organizations involved at the high-level of the software development process, and provides an automated means for that software to transition from one role and/or organization to another.


This process generates the initial code base for a new web-based system in the desired technology stack, and then configures the infrastructure on which that software will run. The infrastructure configuration takes care of: • Development Environment
• Software Configuration Management
• Database Versioning
• Application and Database Server Configuration
• Continuous Integration
• Deployment Automation
• Technology Stack
• Architecture