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Kollectables Community was founded on the belief that collectors, estate owners, eBayers, pickers, and business owners with inventory could use a place to collaborate, share, buy, sell, and trade their passions.

Kollectables allows users to upload images of their collections to share publically or keep private. Businesses interested in communicating with audiences in a simple and visual way can display their shop online.

Sign Up is Super Fast!

The Kollectables Community is about content. The idea about sign up was to keep it simple and quick.

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Only a little info

Just create a unique username and email to get started. You will be sharing your collections in moments.

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What to do next...

Now that you are in, do you want to edit your profile, manage your account, or start your first collection?

Create and Manage Your Collection!

The Kollectables platform allows you to create your collections quickly, add custom categories, select multiple files for upload, and update collection items in spreadsheet like format.

Don't fear, when you delete items or categories in the collection manager you can restore them from the recycle bin.

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Your Categories

You can create your categories to customize your collections.

Multi-Item Upload

Users can select multiple files at once. A good tip is to name your files the same as your collection item.

Spreadsheet-like Maintenance

The quickest way to update your items is to use the intuitive spreadsheet view to modify item attributes.

Go Public!

The Kollectables Community allows you to share your collections with friends via Facebook and Twitter. Kollectables is also a social media platform that you can post from directly

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We are hard at work developing next generation mobile applications for the Kollectables platform. Here is a teaser..

To get started with Kollectables, visit: